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Arc de Triomf Barcelona

Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf

Who? Emma Wong

Where? Born and raised in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and currently residing in the Bay Area (California)

What is this? The Weekend Abroad (formerly Scattered Artistry) is an outlet for my adventures in travel, food, and sometimes fashion. The name comes from an aspiration to get outside and experience as many novel and foreign things as possible each weekend. My goal is to offer you insightful travel guides, itineraries, recommendations, tips, and hopefully some interesting stories from around the globe.

Favorite things: Learning about various cultures and places, live music, watching films, musical theater, reading, dance parties, a good jam session, spending quality time with those most important to me, and meeting new people.

Favorite travel destinations thus far? Southern Spain, Costa Rica, Bali

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Instagram: @_emwong_

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Email: emma [at] theweekendabroad.com

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