Early Chistmas Present: Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip in Burgundy

Early Chistmas Present: Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip in Burgundy

I’ve wanted a Rebecca Minkoff purse for years now to use an everyday bag, but couldn’t justify the price for such a small bag on my broke student budget. I even bought a Mini M.A.C. in deep blue a couple years ago, but returned it after thinking long and hard about how many smaller purchases I could be making using the same amount. In comparison to other popular bag brands, the prices aren’t actually that steep, but I just kept hesitating at the time. Alas, I finally received it as an early Christmas present during Neiman Marcus’ online Black Friday sale ($195 USD down to $137).

Yo, Yosemite! A Three-Day Getaway.

Yo, Yosemite! A Three-Day Getaway.

As a resident of the California now, it only made sense that I venture to what I had heard toted as the mystical land of Yosemite National Park. We were only there for three nights, and despite skepticism of obtaining a campsite without having reserved ahead of time we lucked out and got a site when we arrived Friday afternoon. Word of advice though – October is probably the last acceptable month to camp in the area, as it was pretty chilly! Saturday night also saw an unfortunate amount of rain that managed to flood our tent…

Friday evening we visited Olmsted Point, and the major endeavor of our trip was hiking the John Muir Trail up to Vernal and Nevada Falls the next day. Again, we made it just in time to see some water left in the falls. The hike wasn’t too strenuous, but did consist of a good amount of stairs – I can only imagine how packed the narrow stair pathways would be during the summer. The journey was a beautiful one though, as one 7-year-old-looking girl exclaimed to me on her way down, “it is just a beautiful view up there!”.

We had a little too much fun with our European neighbors that night to take on the big hike up to Glacier Point the next morning so we drove our lazy asses up there. It’s the highest point in the park and certainly the most breathtaking one. All in all, the geographer in me totally nerded out at Yosemite’s vast topography and three days definitely was not enough!

Olmsted Point at Sunset:

Olmsted Point During Sunset

The Famous El Capitan:

The Famou El Capitan

The Hike up to Nevada and Vernal Falls:


Vernal Falls:


Above Nevada Falls:


Driving up to Glacier Point:


View from Glacier Point:


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I have been following Aimee Song, major fashion blogger and interior designer based in Los Angeles, for at least a year on social media and am impressed time and time again by her daring yet flirty sense of style. The colors and prints she chooses to mix are both surprising and undoubtedly flattering. She has become such a staple in the social media and fashion show scene that it is unsurprising I initially stumbled across her on the “explore” page on Instagram.

Holiday Travels: My Unanticipated Washington Journey

With the peak of holiday travel madness upon us, my friend Rosey suggested that I share my story of travel in mid-October. The star of the tale is fog. Although the journey was a frustrating and fatiguing one, I came out of it with a laugh and some new friends in the end. Needless to say, the people and situations you encounter while journeying around the world may really surprise you. Here is the excerpt I posted on Facebook: